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Publications:  Prof Kiera Vaclavik

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VACLAVIK KE(2007). Death for Beginners: Nineteenth-Century Katabatic Narratives for Young Readers. Birth and Death in Nineteenth-Century French Culture, Editors: Downing, L, Harkness, N, Stephens, S, Unwin, T et al., Rodopi (Amsterdam/New York),
Vaclavik K(2005). Jules Verne writer ... of the youth: The case of 'Voyage au Centre de la Terre'. AUST J FR STUD vol. 42, (3) 276-283.
VACLAVIK KE(2005). Jules Verne écrivain… de jeunesse: The Case of Voyage au centre de la terre. Australian Journal of French Studies vol. 42, (3) 276-283.
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VACLAVIK KE(2001). Brief and Discontinuous Forms of Prose as a Means of Empowerment in Stendhal’s La Duchesse de Palliano. French Studies Bulletin vol. 78, 2-6.
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