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Publications:  Dr Celia Woolf

Marshall J, Booth T, Devane N, Galliers J, Greenwood H, Hilari K, Talbot R, Wilson S et al.(2016). Evaluating the Benefits of Aphasia Intervention Delivered in Virtual Reality: Results of a Quasi-Randomised Study. PLOS ONE vol. 11, (8) Article ARTN e0160381,
Woolf C, Caute A, Haigh Z, Galliers J, Wilson S, Kessie A, Hirani S, Hegarty B et al.(2016). A comparison of remote therapy, face to face therapy and an attention control intervention for people with aphasia: a quasi-randomised controlled feasibility study. Clin Rehabil vol. 30, (4) 359-373.
Caute A, Cruice M, Friede A, Galliers J, Dickinson T, Green R, Woolf C(2016). Rekindling the love of books - a pilot project exploring whether e-readers help people to read again after a stroke. APHASIOLOGY vol. 30, (2-3) 290-319.
Caute A, Woolf C(2016). Using voice recognition software to improve communicative writing and social participation in an individual with severe acquired dysgraphia: an experimental single-case therapy study. APHASIOLOGY vol. 30, (2-3) 245-268.
Woolf C, Panton A, Rosen S, Best W, Marshall J(2014). Therapy for auditory processing impairment in aphasia: An evaluation of two approaches. APHASIOLOGY vol. 28, (12) 1481-1505.
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