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Publications:  Dr Simon Reid-Henry

Reid-Henry S(2020). Inequality and Democracy: A response to the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) Report 2018. Review of Social Economy1-18.
Reid-Henry S(2019). Empire of Democracy The Remaking of the West Since the Cold War, 1971–2017. Simon & Schuster
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Reid-Henry S(2015). The Political Origins of Inequality Why a More Equal World Is Better for Us All. University of Chicago Press
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Reid-Henry S(2006). 'Wormwood forest' - A natural history of Chernobyl. TLS-TIMES LIT SUPPL (5388) 24-24.
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Reid-Henry S(2003). Under the microscope. Fieldwork practice and Cuba's biotechnology industry: A reflexive affair?. SINGAPORE J TROP GEO vol. 24, (2) 184-197.
Reid-Henry S(2002). Cuban biotech plans to build on past successes - Cuba's integrated approach to research and production is rapidly maturing. GENET ENG NEWS vol. 22, (3) 13-+.
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