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Publications:  Dr Brendan O'Duffy

O'Duffy B(2008). Radical atmospheres: Explaining Jihadist radicalization in the UK. PS-POLIT SCI POLIT vol. 41, (1) 37-42.
O''DUFFY BP(2007). British-Irish Relations and Northern Ireland: From Violent Politics to Conflict Regulation. Irish Academic Press (Dublin),
O''DUFFY BP(2006). The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE): Majoritarianism, Self-Determination and Military-to-Political Transitions in Sri Lanka. Terror, Insurgency and the State: Ending Protracted Conflicts, Editors: Heiberg, M, O'Leary, B, Tirman, J, University of Pennsylvania Press (Philadelphia, PA),
O'DUFFY BP(2004). Building stairs on the slippery slope: regulating self-determination in Sri-Lanka. Constitutional Papers: The CPA Series on Constitutional Reform, Centre for Policy Alternatives (Colombo),
O'DUFFY BP(2003). Exchange Theory and Conflict Regulation: Cyprus through the British-Irish (Northern Ireland) Prism. Hellenic Studies vol. 11, (2) 137-172.
O'DUFFY BP (2003). Deep Dyads: Self Determination and Conflict Regulation in Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka and Beyond. Notes: Research monograph for International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo,
O'Duffy B (2002). The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. vol. 50, is. 5, pp. 1034-1035.
O'DUFFY BP, Githens-Mazer J(2002). Status and Statehood: Exchange Theory and British-Irish Relations, 1921-41. Commonwealth and Comparative Politics vol. 40, (2) 120-145.
O'DUFFY BP (2002). From Voting to Violence: Democratisation and Nationalist Conflict. Notes: Book Review Jack Snyder Nations and Nationalism, 8/2,
O'DUFFY BP, Githens-Mazer J(2001). Gun-barrel coercion: a brief application of exchange theory to British-Irish relations, 1921-1941. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism vol. 1/2,
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