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Publications:  Prof Sean McConville

Mcconville S(2020). Irish Political Prisoners 1960 – 2000: Braiding Rage. Routledge
McConville S(2017). Governing Hibernia: British Politicians and Ireland, 1800-1921. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW vol. 122, (3) 926-927.
MCCONVILLE SDM(2013). Irish Political Prisoners 1920-1962 Pilgrimage of Desolation. Routledge
MCCONVILLE SDM(2011). Engels and Fenianism: Reflections upon alchemy. Marx-Engels Yearbook vol. n/a, 15-64.
MCCONVILLE SDM(2010). Observations on criminal justice in accession states: Greece and Ireland. Essays in Honour of Prof. C Spinellis vol. n/a, 235-267.
MCCONVILLE SDM(2005). Irish Political Prisoners, 1848-1922: Theatres of War. Routledge (London & New York),
MCCONVILLE SDM(2003). Hearing, Not Listening: Penal Policy and the Political Prisoners of 1906-1921. The Criminological Foundations of Penal Policy, Editors: Zedner, L, Ashworth, A, Oxford University Press (Oxford),
MCCONVILLE SDM(2003). The Necessity of Chance. The Use of Punishment, Editors: McConville, S, Willan (Collumpton, Devon),
MCCONVILLE SDM(2003). The Use of Punishment. Willan (Collumpton),
MCCONVILLE SDM(2002). Gentlemen Convicts, Dynamitards and Paramilitaries: The Limits of Criminal Justice. Ideology, Crime and Criminal Justice: A symposium in honour of sir Leon Radzinowicz, Editors: Bottoms, A, Tonry, M, Willan (Cullompton, Devon),
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