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Publications:  Dr Mario Mendez

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Mendez M(2007). Passenger Name Record agreement - European Court of Justice - Annulment of Commission Adequacy Decision and Council Decision Concerning Conclusion of Passenger Name Record Agreement with US Grand Chamber Judgment of 30 May 2006, joined cases C-317/04 and C-318/04, European Parliament v. Council and Commission. EUR CONST LAW REV vol. 3, (1) 127-147.
MENDEZ M, Auer A(2005). Introducing e-voting for the European Parliament elections. The European Ction and E-voting, Editors: Treschel, A, Mendez, F, Routledge (London),
Mendez M(2004). The impact of WTO rulings in the Community legal order. European Law Review vol. 29, (4)
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