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Publications:  Dr Frances Humby

Lliso-Ribera G, Humby F, Lewis M, Nerviani A, Mauro D, Rivellese F, Kelly S, Hands R et al.(2019). Synovial tissue signatures enhance clinical classification and prognostic/treatment response algorithms in early inflammatory arthritis and predict requirement for subsequent biological therapy: Results from the pathobiology of early arthritis cohort (PEAC). Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases vol. 78, (12) 1642-1652.
Rodríguez-Ubreva J, De La Calle-Fabregat C, Li T, Ciudad L, Ballestar ML, Català-Moll F, Morante-Palacios O, Garcia-Gomez A et al.(2019). Inflammatory cytokines shape a changing DNA methylome in monocytes mirroring disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases vol. 78, (11) 1505-1516.
Humby F, Lewis M, Townsend MJ, Pitzalis C(2019). Response to 'Synovial cellular and molecular signatures stratify clinical response to csDMARD therapy and predict radiographic progression in early rheumatoid arthritis patients' by Humby et al. Ann Rheum Dis
HUMBY F(2019). Synovial cellular and molecular signatures stratify clinical response to csDMARD therapy and predict radiographic progression in early rheumatoid arthritis patients. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases
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Humby F, Romão VC, Manzo A, Filer A, Bugatti S, Vieira-Sousa E, Kelly S, Wechalekar M et al.(2018). A Multicenter Retrospective Analysis Evaluating Performance of Synovial Biopsy Techniques in Patients With Inflammatory Arthritis: Arthroscopic Versus Ultrasound-Guided Versus Blind Needle Biopsy. Arthritis and Rheumatology vol. 70, (5) 702-710.
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De Groof A, Ducreux J, Humby F, Nzeusseu Toukap A, Badot V, Pitzalis C, Houssiau FA, Durez P et al.(2016). Higher expression of TNFaα-induced genes in the synovium of patients with early rheumatoid arthritis correlates with disease activity, and predicts absence of response to first line therapy. Arthritis Research and Therapy vol. 18, (1)
Humby F, Kelly S, Bugatti S, Manzo A, Filer A, Mahto A, Fonseca JE, Lauwerys B et al.(2016). Evaluation of minimally invasive, ultrasound-guided synovial biopsy techniques by the OMERACT filter - Determining validation requirements. Journal of Rheumatology vol. 43, (1) 208-213.
Lazarou I, Kelly S, Humby F, DiCicco M, Zou L, Rocher-Ros V, Hands RE, Ng N et al.(2016). Ultrasound-guided synovial biopsy of the wrist does not alter subsequent clinical or ultrasound disease activity assessments: A prospective study for incorporation of imaging in clinical trials. Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology vol. 34, (5) 802-807.
Lazarou I, D'agostino MA, Naredo E, Humby F, Filer A, Kelly SG(2015). Ultrasound-guided synovial biopsy: A systematic review according to the OMERACT filter and recommendations for minimal reporting standards in clinical studies. Rheumatology (United Kingdom) vol. 54, (10) 1867-1875.
Humby F, Kelly S, Hands R, Rocher V, DiCicco M, Ng N, Zou L, Bugatti S et al.(2015). Use of ultrasound-guided small joint biopsy to evaluate the histopathologic response to rheumatoid arthritis therapy: recommendations for application to clinical trials. Arthritis Rheumatol vol. 67, (10) 2601-2610.
Kelly S, Bombardieri M, Humby F, Ng N, Marrelli A, Riahi S, DiCicco M, Mahto A et al.(2015). Angiogenic gene expression and vascular density are reflected in ultrasonographic features of synovitis in early rheumatoid arthritis: An observational study. Arthritis Research and Therapy
Kelly S, Humby F, Filer A, Ng N, Di Cicco M, Hands RE, Rocher V, Bombardieri M et al.(2015). Ultrasound-guided synovial biopsy: a safe, well-tolerated and reliable technique for obtaining high-quality synovial tissue from both large and small joints in early arthritis patients. Ann Rheum Dis vol. 74, (3) 611-617.
Bugatti S, Manzo A, Vitolo B, Benaglio F, Binda E, Scarabelli M, Humby F, Caporali R et al.(2014). High expression levels of the B cell chemoattractant CXCL13 in rheumatoid synovium are a marker of severe disease. Rheumatology (United Kingdom) vol. 53, (10) 1886-1895.
Croia C, Serafini B, Bombardieri M, Kelly S, Humby F, Severa M, Rizzo F, Coccia EM et al.(2013). Epstein-Barr virus persistence and infection of autoreactive plasma cells in synovial lymphoid structures in rheumatoid arthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases vol. 72, (9) 1559-1568.
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