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Publications:  Prof Jonathan Griffiths

Griffiths J(2019). European Union copyright law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights—Advocate General Szpunar’s Opinions in (C-469/17) Funke Medien, (C-476/17) Pelham GmbH and (C-516/17) Spiegel Online. ERA Forum vol. 20, (1) 35-50.
GRIFFITHS J, Bently L, Dusollier S, Geiger C, Metzger A, Peukert A, Senftleben M(2019). Sound Sampling, a Permitted Use Under EU Copyright Law? Opinion of the European Copyright Society in Relation to the Pending Reference before the CJEU in Case C-476/17, Pelham GmbH v. Hutter. International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law
GRIFFITHS J(2017). The tobacco industry’s challenge to the United Kingdom’s standardised packaging legislation – global lessons for tobacco control policy?. Queensland University of Technology Law Review
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