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Publications:  Dr Colleen Cotter

COTTER CM (2012). Challenging terms of reference: A brief insight into news language and community norms. American Anthropological Association Medium: website and publication, Notes: NB -- it has been uploaded on the website and will be in the print version of Anthropology News later this month (Vol. 53[9]),
Publisher URL
Cotter C(2011). Women's place at the Fourth Estate: Constraints on voice, text, and topic. J PRAGMATICS vol. 43, (10) 2519-2533.
Cotter C(2011). Diversity awareness and the role of language in cultural representations in news stories. J PRAGMATICS vol. 43, (7) 1890-1899.
Catenaccio P, Cotter C, De Smedt M, Garzone G, Jacobs G, Macgilchrist F, Lams L, Perrin D et al.(2011). Towards a linguistics of news production. J PRAGMATICS vol. 43, (7) 1843-1852.
Cotter C(2011). Graduating From the "Real World" to Academia. J ENGL LINGUIST vol. 39, (1) 100-103.
Cotter CM (2010). How to Be a Language-Savvy News Consumer. Cambridge University Press Medium: blog: This Side of the Pond,
Publisher URL
COTTER C(2010). News Talk: Investigating the Language of Journalism. Cambridge University Press (Cambridge),
COTTER CM, MARSCHALL D(2008). The persistence of workplace ideology and identity across communicative contexts. Journal of Applied Linguistics vol. 3, (1) 1-24.
COTTER CM, DAMASO J(2007). English Today. The International Review of the English Language vol. 23, (2) 19-26.
DAMASO J, COTTER CM (2007). Online dictionaries as emerging archives of contemporary usage and collaborative lexicography. Queen Mary Occasional Papers Advancing Linguistics (OPALS)
Publisher URL
COTTER CM (2004). (two poems) The Bernoulli Effect, Scarlet Runner Beans. Editors: Sunshine, A, Napoli, DJ, pp. 23-24. Atlantis-Centaur Inc. (Chicago), Notes: Two poems published in unique, linguist-edited volume: Tongue’s Palette: Poetry by Linguists, A Sunshine and DJ Napoli, eds. 2004,
COTTER CM(2003). Language and media. International Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Editors: Frawley, W, Oxford University Press (New York),
COTTER CM(2003). Prescriptions and practice: Motivations behind change in news discourse. Journal of Historical Pragmatics vol. 4, (1) 45-74.
COTTER CM (2002). Learn Irish now! [software review]. Language Learning and Technology Notes: review of software, in Language Learning and Technology [peer-reviewed online journal],
COTTER CM(2002). The Form of News: A History. [Book Review]. Visual Communication vol. 1.3, 375-381.
COTTER CM(2001). Continuity and Vitality: Expanding Domains through Irish-Language Radio. The Green Book on Language Revitalization in Practice, Editors: Hinton, L, Hale, K, Academic Press (San Diego, CA),
COTTER CM(2001). Discourse and Media. Handbook of Discourse Analysis, Editors: Tannen, D, Schiffrin, D, Hamilton, HE, Wiley-Blackwell (Oxford and Cambridge MA),
COTTER CM(2001). Ensure access, especially linguistic access and cultural competence, for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: A People Looking Forward [Interim Report to the President and the Nation by the President's Advisory Committee on Asian Amercians and Pacific Islanders, White House (Washington DC),
COTTER CM(2001). The pragmatic implications of 'boilerplate' in news coverage of California's immigration and race discrimination initiatives. Georgetown University Round Table 1999 Proceedings, Editors: Alatis, J, Georgetown University Press (Washington, DC),
COTTER C(2001). USA Phrasebook: Understanding Americans and Their Culture. Lonely Planet (Hawthorn, Australia),
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