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Publications:  Dr Karen Shoop

SanMiguel JC, Shoop K, Cavallaro A, Micheloni C, Foresti GL(2014). Self-Reconfigurable Smart Camera Networks. COMPUTER vol. 47, (5) 67-73.
Tokarchuk L, Shoop K, Ma A (2009). Using Co-presence Communities to Enhance Social Recommendation. WONS 2009: SIXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WIRELESS ON-DEMAND NETWORK SYSTEMS AND SERVICES. 157-160.
BIGHAM J, Phillips C, Shoop K (2005). Resource Management Employing Learned Pseudo-Delay for Multi-Service IP Networks. Conference: 10th European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications (NOC), London
Shoop K, Phillips C, Bigham O (2004). Agent-based sub-optimal routing in multi-class IP networks. International Conference on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies, Vol 6, Post-Conference Issue, Proceedings. Editors: Savoie, M, Chu, HW, Michael, J, Pace, P et al., 61-66.
Shoop K, Bigham J, Phillips C (2004). Resource management employing pseudo-delay for IP networks. CCNC 2004: 1ST IEEE CONSUMER COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING CONFERENCE, PROCEEDINGS. 222-227.
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