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Publications:  Dr Richard Coulton

Coulton R(2020). ‘What he hath gather'd together shall not be lost’: remembering James Petiver. Notes and Records: the Royal Society Journal of the History of Science vol. 74, (2) 189-211.
Coulton R (2019). Cultivating Commerce: Cultures of Botany in Britain and France, 1760-1815. vol. 46, is. 1, pp. 168-169.
COULTON RX(2017). Curiosity, Commerce, and Conversation: Nursery-Gardens and Nurserymen in Eighteenth-Century London. London Journal: a review of metropolitan society past and present
COULTON RX, Reid CGP, Mauger MP(2016). Stealing Books in Eighteenth-Century London. Palgrave Macmillan (London),
ELLIS MS, Coulton RX, Mauger M(2015). Empire of Tea: the Asian Leaf that Conquered the World. Reaktion (London),
COULTON RX(2012). 'The Darling of the Temple-Coffee-House Club’: Science, Sociability and Satire in Early Eighteenth-Century London. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies vol. 35, Article 1, 43-65.
COULTON RX (2010). Tea and the Tea-Table in Eighteenth-Century England (volume II): Tea in Natural History and Medical Writing. Routledge Medium: Print, Notes: This is volume II of a four volume set (general editor: Markman Ellis),
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