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Publications:  Dr Nadia Atia

Atia N, Houlden K(2018). Popular Postcolonialisms Discourses of Empire and Popular Culture. Routledge Research in Postcolonial Literatures
ATIA NH(2017). The figure of the refugee in Hassan Blasim’s “The Reality and the Record”. Journal of Commonwealth Literature
ATIA NH(2017). Fictional Depictions of Nursing in the Middle East. Journal of War and Culture Studies (July)
ATIA NH(2017). First World War Nursing Narratives in the Middle East. Landscapes and Voices of the Great War, Editors: Smith, A, Cowman, K, Routledge (London and NY),
Atia N(2015). World War I in Mesopotamia The British and the Ottomans in Iraq. I. B. Tauris
ATIA NH(2012). A wartime tourist trail: Mesopotamia in the British imagination, 1914–1918. Studies in Travel Writing vol. 16, (4) 403-414.
ATIA NH(2010). A relic of its own past: Mesopotamia in the British Imagination 1900-14. Memory Studies vol. 3, (3) 232-241.
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