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Publications:  Dr Tijana Timotijevic

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Haratian R, Phillips C, Timotijevic T (2012). A PCA-based technique for compensating the effect of sensor position changes in motion data. IS'2012 - 2012 6th IEEE International Conference Intelligent Systems, Proceedings. 126-131.
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SCHORMANS JA, Leung CM, Timotijevic T(2004). Accuracy of measurement techniques supporting QoS in packet-based intranet and extranet VPNs. IEE Proceedings - Communications: Special Edition on VPNs and Broadband Technology vol. 151, (1) 89-94.
SCHORMANS JA, Timotijevic T(2003). Bandwidth overhead of probe technology guaranteeing QoS in packet networks. Electronic Letters vol. 39, (10) 253-254.
Schormans JA, Timotijevic T (2003). Evaluating the accuracy of active measurement of delay and loss in packet networks. MANAGEMENT OF MULTIMEDIA NETWORKS AND SERVICES, PROCEEDINGS. Editors: Marshall, A, Agoulmine, N, vol. 2839, 409-421.
TIMOTIJEVIC T, Schormans JA(2000). ATM Level Performance Analysis on a DS-CDMA Satellite Link using DTX. IEE Proceedings - Communications vol. 147, (1) 47-56.
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