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Publications:  Dr Agnieszka Lyons

Lyons A, Tagg C, Hu R(2019). Chronotopic (non)modernity in translocal mobile messaging among Chinese migrants in the UK. Internet Pragmatics
LYONS A, Tagg C(2019). The discursive construction of mobile chronotopes in mobile phone messaging. Language in Society vol. 48, (5) 657-683.
LYONS A(2018). Multimodal expression in written digital discourse: The case of kineticons. Journal of Pragmatics vol. 131, 18-29.
LYONS A(2018). Combining modes: Multimodality across communicative contexts. The Routledge Handbook of Language and Media, Routledge
Hua Z, Wei L, Lyons A(2017). Polish shop(ping) as Translanguaging Space. Social Semiotics vol. 27, (4) 411-433.
LYONS A, Tagg C(2016). The ethics of digital ethnography in a team project. Applied Linguistics Review
LYONS A(2016). Multimodality. Research Methods in Intercultural Communication: A practical guide, Editors: Zhu Hua, Wiley-Blackwell (Hoboken, NJ),
LYONS A(2015). Storyworld in Text-Messages: Sequentiality and Spatialisation. Narrative Theory, Literature, and New Media: Narrative Minds and Virtual Worlds, Editors: Hatavara, M, Hyvärinen, M, Mäkelä, M, Mäyrä, F et al., Routledge
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