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Publications:  Dr Andromachi Georgosouli

Georgosouli A (2018). Brexit, financial stability and the supervision of clearing systems.
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GEORGOSOULI A(2014). Payment Protection insurance misselling: Some lessons from the UK. Connecticut Insurance Law Journal vol. 21, (1) 261-288.
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GEORGOSOULI A(2013). The FSA-PRA coordination scheme and the challenge of policy coherence. Capital Markets Law Journal
GEORGOSOULI A(2011). The FSA's 'Treating Customers Fairly' (TCF) Initiative: What is so good about it and why it may not work. Journal of Law and Society405-427.
GEORGOSOULI A(2010). Regulatory Interpretation: Conversational or Constructive?. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies361-384.
GEORGOSOULI A(2010). The revision of the FSA's Approach to regulation: An incomplete agenda?. Journal of Business Law599-617.
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