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Publications:  Dr Rowland Curtis

CURTIS R, Weir K(2016). Open Secrets. Ephemera : Theory and Politics in Organization
CURTIS R(2014). Foucault beyond Fairclough: From Transcendental to Immanent Critique in Organization Studies. Organisation Studies
Curtis R, Harney S, Jones C(2013). Ethics in a time of crisis: editorial introduction to special focus. BUSINESS ETHICS-A EUROPEAN REVIEW vol. 22, (1) 64-67.
Curtis R(2008). Hallward's Strangely Elegant Car Crash. ephemera: theory and politics in organization vol. 8, (1) 94-103.
Curtis R(2008). Katrina and the Waves: Bad Organization, Natural Evil or The State. Culture and Organization vol. 14, (2) 113-133.
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