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Publications:  Dr Rosalind Hannen

Caton PW, Evans EA, Philpott MP, Hannen RF(2017). Can the skin make you fat? A role for the skin in regulating adipose tissue function and whole-body glucose and lipid homeostasis. Curr Opin Pharmacol vol. 37, 59-64.
Hannen R, Udeh-Momoh C, Upton J, Wright M, Michael A, Gulati A, Rajpopat S, Clayton N et al.(2017). Dysfunctional Skin-Derived Glucocorticoid Synthesis Is a Pathogenic Mechanism of Psoriasis. Journal of Investigative Dermatology vol. 137, (8) 1630-1637.
Halim L, Romano M, McGregor R, Correa I, Pavlidis P, Grageda N, Hoong S-J, Yuksel M et al.(2017). An Atlas of Human Regulatory T Helper-like Cells Reveals Features of Th2-like Tregs that Support a Tumorigenic Environment. Cell Rep vol. 20, (3) 757-770.
Evans EA, Sayers SR, Philpott MP, Hannen RF, Caton PW (2017). A novel skin-adipose tissue axis regulates pancreatic beta cell function. vol. 34, is. Special Issue 1, pp. 42-42. Abstract: java.sql.Clob org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.WrappedClob ,
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Boardman DA, Philippeos C, Fruhwirth GO, Ibrahim MA, Hannen RF, Cooper D, Marelli-Berg FM, Watt FM et al.(2016). Expression of a chimeric antigen receptor specific for donor HLA class I enhances the potency of human regulatory T cells in preventing human skin transplant rejection. Am J Transplant
Hannen RF, Perez P, Lightman S, Philpott MP (2016). Stabilising the Glucocorticoid Response in Psoriatic Skin. vol. 175, pp. 45-45.
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