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Publications:  Dr Joanna Cohen

COHEN J(2019). “You have no flag out yet?” Commercial Connections and Patriotic Emotion in the Civil War North. Journal of the Civil War Era
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COHEN J (2016). No Backward Step: Walter Johnson's River of Dark Dreams: Slavery and Empire in the Cotton Kingdom. Journal of American Studies
COHEN J(2014). 'To Catch the Public Taste': Interpreting American Consumers in the Era of Atlantic Free Trade, 1783-1854. The Atlantic World, Routledge
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COHEN J(2013). Haulman: The Politics of Fashion in the Eighteenth Century (2011). William and Mary Quarterly: a magazine of early American history and culture vol. 70, (1) 197-200.
COHEN J(2011). Ephemeral Loyalties? Consumption, Commerce and Jeffersonian Politics, 1806-1815. The Readex Report vol. 6, (4)
COHEN J(2011). Army at Home: Women and the Civil War on the Northern Home Front. American Nineteenth Century History vol. 12, (3) 362-364.
COHEN J(2011). Review of Jaffee, David: A New Nation of Goods: The Material Culture of Early America. The Crafted Revolution: How Clocks, Cabinets and Portraits Transformed the American Economy. H-Shear, H-Net Reviews
COHEN J(2010). "The Right to Purchase is as Free as the Right to Sell": Defining Consumers as Citizens in the Auction-house Conflicts of the Early Republic. Journal of the Early Republic vol. 30, (1) 25-62.
COHEN J(2010). The Ties That Buy: Women and Commerce in Revolutionary America, and: First Lady of Letters: Judith Sargent Murray and the Struggle for Female Independence (review). Journal of the Early Republic vol. 30, (4) 647-654.
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