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Publications:  Dr Marc Miquel

Schmierer K, Miquel ME(2018). Magnetic resonance imaging correlates of neuro-axonal pathology in the MS spinal cord. Brain Pathol vol. 28, (5) 765-772.
Freitas AC, Ruthven M, Boubertakh R, Miquel ME(2018). Real-time speech MRI: Commercial Cartesian and non-Cartesian sequences at 3T and feasibility of offline TGV reconstruction to visualise velopharyngeal motion. Physica Medica vol. 46, 96-103.
Wylezinska M, Pinkstone M, Hay N, Scott AD, Birch MJ, Miquel ME(2015). Impact of orthodontic appliances on the quality of craniofacial anatomical magnetic resonance imaging and real-time speech imaging. Eur J Orthod vol. 37, (6) 610-617.
Miquel ME, Freitas AC, Wylezinska M(2015). Evaluating velopharyngeal closure with real-time MRI. Pediatr Radiol vol. 45, (6) 941-942.
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Miquel ME, Blackall JM, Uribe S, Hawkes DJ, Schaeffter T(2013). Patient-specific respiratory models using dynamic 3D MRI: preliminary volunteer results. Phys Med vol. 29, (2) 214-220.
Miquel ME, Scott AD, Macdougall ND, Boubertakh R, Bharwani N, Rockall AG(2012). In vitro and in vivo repeatability of abdominal diffusion-weighted MRI. Br J Radiol vol. 85, (1019) 1507-1512.
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