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Publications:  Dr Susan Edgington

(2019). Baldric of Bourgueil - History of the Jerusalemi A Translation of the Historia Ierosolimitana. Boydell Press
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EDGINGTON S(2019). Baldwin I of Jerusalem. Routledge
EDGINGTON S(2017). The Capture of Acre, 1104, and Baldwin I's Conquest of the Littoral. Brill
EDGINGTON S(2016). ‘Espionage and Counter-Espionage: An Episode in the Reign of Baldwin I’. University of Wales Press
EDGINGTON S(2015). The Capture of Lisbon: Premeditated or Opportunistic. Brepols
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EDGINGTON S(2014). Espionage and Military Intelligence during the First Crusade, 1095-1099. Ashgate
EDGINGTON S(2014). ‘Espionage and Military Intelligence during the First Crusade, 1095-1099’. Ashgate
EDGINGTON S, Garcia-Guijarro L(2014). Jerusalem the Golden: The Origins and impact of the First Crusade. Brepols
EDGINGTON S(2014). The First Crusade: Expanding the Historiography. Brepols
EDGINGTON S(2011). The Chanson D'Antioche. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
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