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Publications:  Dr Claire Pardieu

Pardieu C, Casali N, Clark SO, Hooper R, Williams A, Velji P, Gonzalo X, Drobniewski F(2015). Correlates between Models of Virulence for Mycobacterium tuberculosis among Isolates of the Central Asian Lineage: a Case for Lysozyme Resistance Testing?. Infect Immun vol. 83, (6) 2213-2223.
Faksri K, Chaiprasert A, Pardieu C, Casali N, Palaga T, Prammananan T, Palittapongarnpim P, Prayoonwiwat N et al.(2014). Heterogeneity of phenotypic characteristics of the modern and ancestral Beijing strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Asian Pac J Allergy Immunol vol. 32, (2) 124-132.
Pardieu C, Vigan R, Wilson SJ, Calvi A, Zang T, Bieniasz P, Kellam P, Towers GJ et al.(2010). The RING-CH ligase K5 antagonizes restriction of KSHV and HIV-1 particle release by mediating ubiquitin-dependent endosomal degradation of tetherin. PLoS Pathog vol. 6,
Bensaude E, Turner JLE, Wakeley PR, Sweetman DA, Pardieu C, Drew TW, Wileman T, Powell PP(2004). Classical swine fever virus induces proinflammatory cytokines and tissue factor expression and inhibits apoptosis and interferon synthesis during the establishment of long-term infection of porcine vascular endothelial cells. J Gen Virol vol. 85, (Pt 4) 1029-1037.
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