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Publications:  Mrs Charlotte Ackerman

Powles THOMAS, Huddart RA, Elliott T, SARKER S-J, Ackerman CHARLOTTE, Jones R, Hussaine S, Crabb S et al.(2016). A phase II/III, double-blind, randomized trial comparing maintenance lapatinib versus placebo after first line chemotherapy in HER1/2 positive metastatic bladder cancer patients. Journal of Clinical Oncology
Powles T, Sarwar N, Stockdale A, Sarker S-J, Boleti E, Protheroe A, Jones R, Chowdhury S et al.(2016). Safety and Efficacy of Pazopanib Therapy Prior to Planned Nephrectomy in Metastatic Clear Cell Renal Cancer. JAMA Oncology vol. 2, (10) 1303-1309.
Powles T, Kayani I, Blank CU, Chowdhury S, Horenblas S, Sarwar N, Nathan PD, Boleti E et al.(2010). The safety and efficacy of sunitinib prior to planned nephrectomy in metastatic clear cell renal cancer. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY vol. 28, (15)
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