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Publications:  Dr Costanza Russo

RUSSO CA(2019). Resolution plans and resolution strategies: do they make G-SIBs resolvable and avoid ring fence?. European Business Organization Law Review vol. 20, 735-735.
RUSSO CA, LASTRA RM (2018). The financing of bank resolution - Who should provide the required liquidity?.
RUSSO CA, OLIVARES-CAMINAL R, LASTRA RM, Ayadi R (2016). The Different Legal and Operational Structures of Banking Groups in the Euro Area, and their Impact on Banks’ Resolvability.
RUSSO CA (2016). The Ethics of Banking and Financial Regulatory Authorities: a study of the Bank of England, the Prudential Regulation Authority, the Monetary Policy Committee and the Financial Conduct Authority.
RUSSO CA(2016). Third country cooperation mechanisms within the bank recovery and resolution directive. Bank resolution: the European regime, Oxford University Press
RAWLINGS PJ, Russo C, Georgosouli A (2014). Regulation of Financial Services: Aims and Methods.
RUSSO CA(2012). Bank Nationalizations of the 1930s in Italy: The IRI Formula Back to the State. Thoretical Inquiries of Law vol. 13, 407-429.
RUSSO CA(2011). Analisi della regolamentazione e dei problemi posti dalle c.d. Living Wills bancarie. Banca Impresa Societa
RUSSO CA(2010). Bail Out Plans: Do they really envision State exit and bank repayments?A view from a competitive assessment perspective. European Business Law Review vol. 4, (21) 491-518.
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