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Publications:  Mr Remy Gerbay

Gerbay R(2016). The Functions of Arbitral Institutions. International Arbitration Law
GERBAY R(2016). Literature Review? What Literature Review?!’ – The Influence of Legal Culture on Scholarship in International Arbitration. The Evolution and Future of International Arbitration, Editors: Brekoulakis, S, Lew, J, Mistelis, L, Kluwer
GERBAY R(2016). The LCIA. World Arbitration Reporter, JurisPub
GERBAY R(2015). Is the End Nigh Again? An Empirical Assessment of the 'Judicialization' of International Arbitration. American Review of International Arbitration vol. 25, (2)
GERBAY R(2015). Neither Savile Row Nor Quite Vivienne Westwood: The Verdict on the 2014 LCIA Arbitration Rules. Les Cahiers de l'Arbitrage / Paris Journal of International Arbitration vol. 4,
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