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Publications:  Prof Maxi Scherer

Scherer M(2019). Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decision-Making: The Wide Open?. Journal of International Arbitration
Scherer M(2019). Inherent Powers to Sanction Party Conduct. Inherent Powers of Arbitrators,
SCHERER MC(2016). Limits to Party Autonomy during the Post-Award Review Stage. Limits to Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration, JurisPub
SCHERER MC(2015). Ethical Questions Regarding Counsel Conduct in Arbitration. What a Counsel in Arbitration Can Do, Must Do or Must not Do?, Bruylant
SCHERER MC(2013). Effects of Foreign Judgments Relating to International Arbitral Awards: Is the ‘Judgment Route’ the Wrong Road?. NYU Law School vol. 4, (3) 587-628.
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