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Publications:  Dr Niovi Vavoula

Vavoula N(2020). Interoperability of EU Information Systems: The Deathblow to the Rights to Privacy and Personal Data Protection of Third-Country Nationals?. European Public Law
Vavoula N(2019). Databases for Non-EU Nationals and the Right to Private Life: Towards a System of Generalised Surveillance of Movement?. EU Law in Populist Times: Crises and Prospects, Editors: Bignami, F, Cambridge University Press
Vavoula N(2019). Criminalisation of irregular migration in the EU: The impact of El Dridi. The Court of Justice and European Criminal Law Leading Cases in a Contextual Analysis, Editors: Mitsilegas, V, Di Martino, A, Mancano, L, Hart
Vavoula N, Mitsilegas V(2019). European Union Criminal Law. Specialized Administrative Law of the European Union A Sectoral Review, Oxford University Press, USA
Vavoula N(2018). Prevention, Surveillance, and the Transformation of Citizenship in the ‘Security Union’: The Case of Foreign Terrorist Fighters. Alternative, Informal, and Transitional Types of Criminal Justice and the Legitimacy of New Sanction Models in the Global Risk Society, Editors: Sieber, U, Mitsilegas, V, Mylonopoulos, C, Billis, E et al., Duncker & Humblot
Vavoula N(2017). EU Immigration Databases Under Scrutiny: Towards the Normalisation of Surveillance of Movement in an Era of “Privacy Spring”?. Data Protection and Privacy Under Pressure Transatlantic tensions, EU surveillance, and big data, Maklu
Mitsilegas V, Vavoula N(2017). The normalisation of surveillance of movement in an era of reinforcing privacy standards. Handbook on Migration and Security,
Mitsilegas V, Vavoula N(2016). The Evolving EU Anti-Money Laundering Regime. Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law vol. 23, (2) 261-293.
Gerry QC F, Muraszkiewicz J, Vavoula N(2016). The role of technology in the fight against human trafficking: Reflections on privacy and data protection concerns. Computer Law & Security Review vol. 32, (2) 205-217.
Vavoula N(2016). The Interplay between EU Immigration Law and National Criminal Law – The Case of the Return Directive. Research Handbook on EU Criminal Law,
Vavoula N(2015). The recast eurodac regulation: Are asylum seekers treated as suspected criminals?. Seeking Asylum in the European Union: Selected Protection Issues Raised by the Second Phase of the Common European Asylum System, vol. 4,
Mitsilegas V, Vavoula N(2014). Criminal Law: Institutional Rebalancing and Judicialization as Drivers of Policy Change. Policy change in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice How EU institutions matter, Routledge
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