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Publications:  Dr Carol Fawkes

Cross V, Leach CMJ, Fawkes CA, Moore AP(2015). Patients' expectations of osteopathic care: a qualitative study. Health Expect vol. 18, (5) 1114-1126.
Rushton AB, Fawkes CA, Carnes D, Moore AP(2014). A modified Delphi consensus study to identify UK osteopathic profession research priorities. Man Ther vol. 19, (5) 445-452.
Fawkes CA, Leach CMJ, Mathias S, Moore AP(2014). A profile of osteopathic care in private practices in the United Kingdom: a national pilot using standardised data collection. Man Ther vol. 19, (2) 125-130.
Fawkes CA, Leach CMJ, Mathias S, Moore AP(2014). Development of a data collection tool to profile osteopathic practice: use of a nominal group technique to enhance clinician involvement. Man Ther vol. 19, (2) 119-124.
Leach CMJ, Mandy A, Hankins M, Bottomley LM, Cross V, Fawkes CA, Fiske A, Moore AP(2013). Patients' expectations of private osteopathic care in the UK: a national survey of patients. BMC Complement Altern Med vol. 13,
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