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Publications:  Dr Kerry Holden

Harsh M, Holden K, Wetmore J, Zachary GP, Bal R(2019). Situating science in Africa: The dynamics of computing research in Nairobi and Kampala. Soc Stud Sci vol. 49, (1) 52-76.
Harsh M, Bal R, Wetmore J, Zachary GP, HOLDEN K(2018). The Rise of Computing Re- search Communities in East Africa: The Relationship between Funding, Culture and Practice. Minerva
Holden K, Jensen N(2016). From Under the Wheels of the Juggernaut: Global Health Networks, Gold Standards and the Possibilities for Social Science Critique. SCIENCE AS CULTURE vol. 26, (1) 124-132.
Holden K, Van Klyton A(2016). Exploring the tensions and incongruities of Internet governance in Africa. Government Information Quarterly vol. 33, (4) 736-745.
Holden K(2014). Lamenting the Golden Age: Love, Labour and Loss in the Collective Memory of Scientists. Science as Culture vol. 24, (1) 24-45.
HOLDEN K, Demeritt D(2008). Democratising science? The politics of promoting biomedicine in Singapore's developmental state. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space vol. 26, (1) 68-86.
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