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Publications:  Dr Maria Koumenta

Williams M, Koumenta M(2020). Occupational closure and job quality: The case of occupational licensing in Britain. Human Relations vol. 73, (5) 711-736.
Koumenta M, Williams M(2019). An anatomy of zero-hour contracts in the UK. Industrial Relations Journal vol. 50, (1) 20-40.
KOUMENTA M, Pagliero M(2018). Occupational Regulation in the European Union: Coverage and Wage Effects. British Journal of Industrial Relations
KOUMENTA M(2015). Public Service Motivation and Organizational Citizenship. Public Money and Management vol. 35, (5) 341-348.
Kim, S, Vandenabeele, W, Wright, B, Andersen, L, Paolo Cerase, F, Christensen, R, Desmarais, C, Koumenta M et al.(2012). Investigating the Structure and Meaning of Public Service Motivation Across Populations: Developing an International Instrument and Addressing Issues of Measurement Invariance. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory vol. 23, (1) 79-102.
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