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Publications:  Prof Barbara Taylor

TAYLOR BG(2017). Roussseau and Wollstonecraft: Solitary Walkers. Thinking with Rousseau. from Machiavelli to Schmidt, Editors: Rosenblatt, H, Schweigert, P, Cambridge UP
TAYLOR BG(2016). Mary Wollstonecraft and Modern Philosophy. The Social and Political Thought of Mary Wollstonecraft, Editors: Berges, S, Coffee, A, Oxford University Press
TAYLOR BG (2014). E P Thompson and the Woman Question. Conference: The French E P Thompson (Oxford) from: 29/11/2013 to: 30/11/2013,
Taylor B(2013). The Last Asylum. Hamish Hamilton
TAYLOR BG(2012). Historical Subjectivity. History and Psyche, Editors: Alexander, S, Taylor, B, Palgrave Macmillan
TAYLOR BG(2012). ‘Enlightenment and the Uses of Woman’. History Workshop Journal (74)
TAYLOR BG (2012). ‘History, the Nation and the Schools’.
TAYLOR BG (2011). The Demise of the Asylum in Late Twentieth Century Britain. Sixth Series. Conference: Royal Historical Society from: 2010193-215.
TAYLOR BG(2011). ‘The Demise of the Asylum in Late Twentieth Century Britain’. Transactions of the Royal Historical Society vol. 20,
TAYLOR BG(2010). ‘Marian Engel’s Bear’. Women, a Cultural Review vol. 12, (2)
Phillips A, Taylor B(2009). On Kindness. Penguin
TAYLOR BG (2009). ‘History Workshop Journal’.
TAYLOR BG(2009). ‘Separations of Soul: Solitude, Biography, History’. American Historical Review vol. 114, (3)
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