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Publications:  Dr Ann-Marie Baker

Baker A-M, Huang W, Wang X-MM, Jansen M, Ma X-J, Kim J, Anderson CM, Wu X et al.(2017). Robust RNA-based in situ mutation detection delineates colorectal cancer subclonal evolution. Nat Commun vol. 8, (1) 1998-1998.
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Cioffi M, Trabulo SM, Vallespinos M, Raj D, Kheir TB, Lin M-L, Begum J, Baker A-M et al.(2017). The miR-25-93-106b cluster regulates tumor metastasis and immune evasion via modulation of CXCL12 and PD-L1. Oncotarget vol. 8, (13) 21609-21625.
Martinez P, Timmer MR, Lau CT, Calpe S, Sancho-Serra MDC, Straub D, Baker A-M, Meijer SL et al.(2016). Dynamic clonal equilibrium and predetermined cancer risk in Barrett’s oesophagus. Nature Communications vol. 7, 12158-12158.
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Baker A-M, Graham TA, Wright NA(2013). Pre-tumour clones, periodic selection and clonal interference in the origin and progression of gastrointestinal cancer: potential for biomarker development. J Pathol vol. 229, (4) 502-514.
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