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Publications:  Mr Kunal Shah

Hewitson JP, Shah KM, Brown N, Grevitt P, Hain S, Newling K, Sharp TV, Kaye PM et al.(2019). miR-132 suppresses transcription of ribosomal proteins to promote protective Th1 immunity. EMBO Rep vol. 20, (4)
Foxler DE, Bridge KS, Foster JG, Grevitt P, Curry S, Shah KM, Davidson KM, Nagano A et al.(2018). A HIF-LIMD1 negative feedback mechanism mitigates the pro-tumorigenic effects of hypoxia. EMBO Mol Med
Yee D, Shah KM, Coles MC, Sharp TV, Lagos D(2017). MicroRNA-155 induction via TNF-α and IFN-γ suppresses expression of programmed death ligand-1 (PD-L1) in human primary cells. J Biol Chem vol. 292, (50) 20683-20693.
Bridge KS, Shah KM, Li Y, Foxler DE, Wong SCK, Miller DC, Davidson KM, Foster JG et al.(2017). Argonaute Utilization for miRNA Silencing Is Determined by Phosphorylation-Dependent Recruitment of LIM-Domain-Containing Proteins. Cell Reports vol. 20, (1) 173-187.
Feber A, Worth DC, Chakravarthy A, de Winter P, Shah K, Arya M, Saqib M, Nigam R et al.(2016). CSN1 Somatic Mutations in Penile Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Cancer Research vol. 76, (16) 4720-4727.
Leonov G, Shah K, Yee D, Timmis J, Sharp TV, Lagos D(2015). Suppression of AGO2 by miR-132 as a determinant of miRNA-mediated silencing in human primary endothelial cells. Int J Biochem Cell Biol vol. 69, 75-84.
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