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Publications:  Dr Lisa Miyashita

Whitehouse AL, Mushtaq N, Miyashita L, Barratt B, Khan A, Kalsi H, Koh L, Padovan MG et al.(2020). Airway dendritic cell maturation in children exposed to air pollution. PLoS One vol. 15, (5) e0232040-e0232040.
Shears RK, Jacques LC, Naylor G, Miyashita L, Khandaker S, Lebre F, Lavelle EC, Grigg J et al.(2020). Exposure to diesel exhaust particles increases susceptibility to invasive pneumococcal disease. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology vol. 145, (4) 1272-1284.e6.
Miyashita L, Foley G, Jonathan G (2019). Indoor Air Freshener Extract Increases Pneumococcal Adhesion to Airway Cells. EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL. vol. 54,
Whitehouse AL, Miyashita L, Liu NM, Lesosky M, Flitz G, Ndamala C, Balmes JR, Gordon SB et al.(2018). Use of cleaner-burning biomass stoves and airway macrophage black carbon in Malawian women. Science of the Total Environment vol. 635, 405-411.
Miyashita L, Suri R, Dearing E, Mudway I, Dove RE, Neill DR, Van Zyl-Smit R, Kadioglu A et al.(2018). E-cigarette vapour enhances pneumococcal adherence to airway epithelial cells. Eur Respir J vol. 51, (2)
Whitehouse AL, Miyashita L, Ndamala C, Naunje AW, Balmes JR, Gordon S, Mortimer KJ, Grigg J (2017). Can A Cleaner Burning Biomass-Fuelled Cookstove Reduce Airway Macrophage Black Carbon?. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE. Conference: American Thoracic Society 2017 International Conference (Washington Convention Centre, Washington DC) from: 19/05/2017 to: 24/05/2017, vol. 195,
Grigg J, Miyashita L, Suri R(2017). Pneumococcal infection of respiratory cells exposed to welding fumes; Role of oxidative stress and HIF-1 alpha. PLoS One vol. 12, (3) Article 0173569, e0173569-e0173569.
Miyashita L, Padovan M, Suri R, Whitehouse A, Grigg J (2017). Expression of Nasal Epithelial Platelet Activating Factor Receptor (PAFR) and in vivo Exposure to Air Pollution. JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY. vol. 139, AB264-AB264.
Miyashita L, Suri R, Grigg J (2017). The Effect Of E-Cigarettes (ec) On Nasal Platelet Activating Factor Receptor (pafr) Expression. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE. vol. 195,
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