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Publications:  Dr Maria Longhi

Macdougall CE, Wood EG, Solomou A, Scagliotti V, Taketo MM, Gaston-Massuet C, Marelli-Berg FM, Charalambous M et al.(2019). Constitutive Activation of β-Catenin in Conventional Dendritic Cells Increases the Insulin Reserve to Ameliorate the Development of Type 2 Diabetes in Mice. Diabetes vol. 68, (7) 1473-1484.
Macdougall CE, Wood EG, Loschko J, Scagliotti V, Cassidy FC, Robinson ME, Feldhahn N, Castellano L et al.(2018). Visceral Adipose Tissue Immune Homeostasis Is Regulated by the Crosstalk between Adipocytes and Dendritic Cell Subsets. Cell Metabolism vol. 27, (3) 588-601.e4.
CABRERA CP, MANSON J, SHEPHERD JM, TORRANCE HD, WATSON D, LONGHI MP, HOTI M, PATEL MB et al.(2017). Signatures of Inflammation and Impending Multiple Organ Dysfunction in the Hyperacute Phase of Trauma. PLoS Medicine
MAURO C, Smith J, Cucchi D, Coe D, Fu H, Bonacina F, Baragetti A, Cermenati G et al.(2017). Obesity-induced metabolic stress leads to biased effector memory CD4+ T cell differentiation via PI3K p110δ/Akt-mediated signals. Cell Metabolism
Menezes S, Melandri D, Anselmi G, Perchet T, Loschko J, Dubrot J, Patel R, Gautier EL et al.(2016). The Heterogeneity of Ly6Chi Monocytes Controls Their Differentiation into iNOS+ Macrophages or Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells. Immunity vol. 45, (6) 1205-1218.
Sundara Rajan S, Longhi MP(2016). Dendritic cells and adipose tissue. Immunology vol. 149, (4) 353-361.
Anandasabapathy N, Feder R, Mollah S, Tse S-W, Longhi MP, Mehandru S, Matos I, Cheong C et al.(2014). Classical Flt3L-dependent dendritic cells control immunity to protein vaccine. Journal of Experimental Medicine vol. 211, (9) 1875-1891.
Pantel A, Teixeira A, Haddad E, Wood EG, Steinman RM, Longhi MP(2014). Direct type I IFN but not MDA5/TLR3 activation of dendritic cells is required for maturation and metabolic shift to glycolysis after poly IC stimulation. PLoS Biol vol. 12, (1)
LONGHI PM, Trumpfheller C, Idoyaga J, Caskey M, Matos I, Kluger C, Salazar AM, Colonna M et al.(2009). Dendritic cells require a systemic type I interferon response to mature and induce CD4+ Th1 immunity with poly IC as adjuvant. J EXP MED vol. 206, (7) 1589-1602.
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