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Publications:  Ms Doris Lanz

Bhide P, Srikantharajah A, Lanz D, Dodds J, Collins B, Zamora J, Chan D, Thangaratinam S et al.(2020). TILT: Time-Lapse Imaging Trial-a pragmatic, multi-centre, three-arm randomised controlled trial to assess the clinical effectiveness and safety of time-lapse imaging in in vitro fertilisation treatment. Trials vol. 21, (1)
Green L, Daru J, Dodds J, Gonzalez Carreras FJ, Lanz D, Zamora J, Pardo Llorente MDC, Pérez Pérez T et al.(2020). Effect of early cryoprecipitate transfusion versus standard care in women who develop severe postpartum haemorrhage (ACROBAT) in the UK: a protocol for a pilot cluster randomised trial. BMJ open vol. 10, (6)
Dibley L, Hart A, Duncan J, Knowles CH, Kerry S, Lanz D, Madurasinghe VW, Wade T et al.(2020). Clinician Administered and Self-Report Survey Both Effective for Identifying Fecal Incontinence in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Dig Dis Sci
Crowley E, Treweek S, Banister K, Breeman S, Constable L, Cotton S, Duncan A, El Feky A et al.(2020). Using systematic data categorisation to quantify the types of data collected in clinical trials: the DataCat project. Trials vol. 21, (1) Article 535,
Amaefule CE, Bolou A, Drymoussi Z, Gonzalez Carreras FJ, Pardo Llorente MDC, Lanz D, Dodds J, Sweeney L et al.(2020). Effectiveness and acceptability of metformin in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes after gestational diabetes in postnatal women: a protocol for a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind feasibility trial. Optimising health outcomes with Metformin to prevent diAbetes After pregnancy (OMAhA). BMJ open vol. 10, (5) e036198-e036198.
Pasu S, Bell L, Zenasni Z, Lanz D, Simmonds IA, Thompson A, Yorston D, Laidlaw DAH et al.(2020). Facedown Positioning following Surgery for Large Full-Thickness Macular Hole: A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Ophthalmology
Brunsdon D, Biesty L, Brocklehurst P, Brueton V, Devane D, Elliott J, Galvin S, Gamble C et al.(2019). What are the most important unanswered research questions in trial retention? A James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership: the PRioRiTy II (Prioritising Retention in Randomised Trials) study. Trials vol. 20, (1)
HOOPER R, LANZ D, DODDS J, KHAN K(2019). Cost-effectiveness of cell salvage and donor blood transfusion during caesarean section: results from a randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open
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KHAN K, Moore PAS, Wilson MJ, HOOPER R, ALLARD S, Wrench I, BERESFORD L, Roberts TE et al.(2017). Cell salvage and donor blood transfusion during cesarean section: A pragmatic multicentre randomised controlled trial (SALVO). PLoS Medicine vol. 14, (2) Article e1002471,
Moss N, Daru J, Lanz D, Thangaratinam S, Khan KS(2016). Involving pregnant women, mothers and members of the public to improve the quality of women's health research. BJOG
RUSSELL JF, Berney L, Stansfeld S, Lanz D, Kerry S, Chandola T, Bhui K(2016). The role of qualitative research in adding value to a randomised controlled trial: lessons from a pilot study of a guided e-learning intervention for managers to improve employee wellbeing and reduce sickness absence. Trials vol. 17, 396-396.
Stansfeld SA, Kerry S, Chandola T, Russell J, Berney L, Hounsome N, Lanz D, Costelloe C et al.(2015). Pilot study of a cluster randomised trial of a guided e-learning health promotion intervention for managers based on management standards for the improvement of employee well-being and reduction of sickness absence: GEM Study. BMJ Open vol. 5, (10)
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