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Publications:  Dr Wing-Yiu Lee

Gibbons JM, Marno KM, Pike R, Lee WYJ, Jones CE, Ogunkolade BW, Pardieu C, Bryan A et al.(2020). HIV-1 accessory protein Vpr interacts with ReaF/RPRD2 to mitigate its antiviral activity. Journal of Virology vol. 94, (4)
Wing PAC, Jones M, Cheung M, DaSilva S, Bamford C, Jason Lee WY, Aranday-Cortes E, Da Silva Filipe A et al.(2019). Amino Acid Substitutions in Genotype 3a Hepatitis C Virus Polymerase Protein Affect Responses to Sofosbuvir. Gastroenterology vol. 157, (3) 692-704.e9.
Bergamaschi D, Vossenkamper A, Lee WYJ, Wang P, Bochukova E, Warnes G(2019). Simultaneous polychromatic flow cytometric detection of multiple forms of regulated cell death. Apoptosis
LEE WJ, Fu RM, Liang C, SLOAN RD(2018). IFITM proteins inhibit HIV-1 protein synthesis. Scientific Reports
Lee W-Y, Tolar P(2013). Activation of the B Cell Receptor Leads to Increased Membrane Proximity of the Igα Cytoplasmic Domain. PLoS ONE vol. 8, (11) e79148-e79148.
Natkanski E, Lee W-Y, Mistry B, Casal A, Molloy JE, Tolar P(2013). B Cells Use Mechanical Energy to Discriminate Antigen Affinities. Science vol. 340, (6140) 1587-1590.
Lee W-Y, Hampson P, Coulthard L, Ali F, Salmon M, Lord JM, Scheel-Toellner D(2010). Novel Antileukemic Compound Ingenol 3-Angelate Inhibits T Cell Apoptosis by Activating Protein Kinase Cθ. Journal of Biological Chemistry vol. 285, (31) 23889-23898.
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