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Publications:  Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax

Moreno-Lax V, Ghezelbash D, Klein N(2019). Between Life, Security and Rights: Framing the Interdiction of ‘Boat Migrants’ in the Central Mediterranean and Australia. Leiden Journal of International Law vol. (2019), 1-26.
MORENO-LAX V(2019). The Rise of Consensual Containment: From ‘Contactless Control’ to ‘Contactless Responsibility’ for Migratory Flows. Research Handbook on International Refugee Law, Editors: Juss, S, Edward Elgar Publishing
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MORENO-LAX V(2019). Border-Induced Displacement: The Ethical and Legal Implications of Distance-Creation through Externalization. Questions of International Law vol. 56, 5-33.
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MORENO-LAX V(2017). The EU Humanitarian Border and the Securitization of Human Rights:The “Rescue-through-Interdiction/Rescue-without-Protection” Paradigm. Journal of Common Market Studies vol. 56, (1) 119-140.
MORENO-LAX V(2017). Accessing Asylum in Europe :Extraterritorial Border Controls and Refugee Rights under EU Law. Oxford University Press
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MORENO-LAX V, Costello C(2014). The Extraterritorial Application of the Charter: From Territoriality to Facticity, the Effectiveness Model. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: A Commentary, Editors: Peers, S, Hervey, T, Kenner, J, Ward, A et al., Hart Publishing (Oxford),
MORENO-LAX V(2014). Life after Lisbon: EU Asylum Policy as a Factor of Migration Control. EU Justice and Security Law, Hart Publishing
MORENO-LAX V(2011). Seeking Asylum in the Mediterranean: Against a Fragmentary Reading of EU Member States’ Obligations Accruing at Sea. International Journal of Refugee Law vol. 23, (2)
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