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Publications:  Mr Joel Grossman

Grossman J(2019). London, British Library, MS Harley 367 and the Antiquarian Ideals of John Stow. Manuscript and Print in Late Medieval and Early Modern Britain Essays in Honour of Professor Julia Boffey, Editors: Atkin, T, Rajsic, J, Boydell & Brewer
Grossman J(2018). ‘The dance of the intellect among words’: Wyatt’s 'In eternum' and late medieval lyric practice. Middle English Lyrics New Readings of Short Poems, Editors: Boffey, J, Whitehead, C, Boydell & Brewer
Ash-Irisarri K, Atkin T, Baden-Daintree A, Bennett A, Black D, Dow A, Flannery MC, Grossman J et al.(2018). Middle english. Year's Work in English Studies vol. 97, (1) 214-285.
Grossman J(2016). Games at court: Space in early tudor manuscripts. Occupying Space in Medieval and Early Modern Britain and Ireland,
Grossman J(2015). 'I Ne Can Close in Short and Conning Vearse': A New Poem for the Canon of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey?. Notes and Queries vol. 62, (4) 536-541.
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