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Publications:  Dr Apostolos Chronopoulos

CHRONOPOULOS A(2017). Property Rights in Brand Image: the Contribution of the EUIPO Boards of Appeal to the Free-Riding Theory of Trade Mark Protection. 20 years of the Boards of Appeal at EUIPO, Celebrating the Past, Looking Forward to the Future, Liber Amicorum
CHRONOPOULOS A(2015). Greece. Domain Name Law and Practice - An International Handbook, Oxford University Press
CHRONOPOULOS A (2015). Three-dimensional shapes: Issues of IP and Competition Policy – Comparative comments on the Japanese system of trade mark protection.
CHRONOPOULOS A(2014). Goodwill Appropriation as a Distinct Theory of Trademark Liability – A Study on the Misappropriation Rationale in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law. Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal vol. 22,
Chronopoulos A(2014). Legal and economic arguments for the protection of advertising value through trade mark law. QUEEN MARY JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY vol. 4, (4) 256-276.
CHRONOPOULOS A(2013). Das Markenrecht als Teil der Wettbewerbsordnung,. Carl Heymanns Verlag
CHRONOPOULOS A(2012). Trade Dress Rights as Instruments of Monopolistic Competition: Towards a Rejuvenation of the Misappropriation Doctrine in Unfair Competition Law and a Property Theory of Trademarks. Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review vol. 16, (1)
Chronopoulos A(2011). Determining the scope of trademark rights by recourse to value judgements related to the effectiveness of competition - The demise of the trademark-use requirement and the functional analysis of trademark law. IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law vol. 42, (5) 535-570.
Chronopoulos A(2009). Patenting standards - A case for US antitrust law or a call for recognizing immanent public policy limitations to the exploitation rights conferred by the patent act?. IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law vol. 40, (7) 782-816.
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