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Publications:  Dr Saskia Hufnagel

Hufnagel S, King C(2019). Anti-money laundering regulation and the art market. Legal Studies vol. 40, (1) 131-150.
Hufnagel S(2019). Policing Australasia: challenges and successes of law enforcement cooperation in a diverse region. The Development of Transnational Policing Past, Present and Future, Routledge
Hufnagel S(2019). 'Article 48 - Law enforcement cooperation. The United Nations Convention Against Corruption A Commentary, Oxford Commentaries on Interna
Hufnagel S(2018). A Comparative Legal History of International Policing. Comparative Policing from a Legal Perspective, Edward Elgar Publishing
Hufnagel S(2018). Policing and Society: A Legal Perspective on Gender in Police Organisations. Comparative Policing from a Legal Perspective, Edward Elgar Publishing
HUFNAGEL SM(2017). Regulation of Cross-Border Law Enforcement: ‘Locks’ and ‘Dams’ to Regional and International Flows of Policing. Global Crime vol. 18, (3) 218-236.
HUFNAGEL SM(2017). Police Cooperation in Europe, China and Australia: Does Trust Depend on the Political System?. A Question of Trust?: Social & Legal Imperatives in International Police and Justice Co-operation, Hart Publishing
Hufnagel S(2016). ‘Third Party’ Status in EU Policing and Security - Comparing the Position of Norway with the UK before and after the ‘Brexit’. Nordisk politiforskning vol. 3, (02) 165-180.
HUFNAGEL SM(2014). Recent art fraud investigations in Germany. Cultural Property Crimes, Brill
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