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Publications:  Dr Aysegul Dirik

Dirik A, Sandhu S, Giacco D, Barrett K, Bennison G, Collinson S, Priebe S(2017). Why involve families in acute mental healthcare? A collaborative conceptual review. BMJ Open vol. 7, (9) e017680-e017680.
Giacco D, Dirik A, Kaselionyte J, Priebe S(2017). How to make carer involvement in mental health inpatient units happen: A focus group study with patients, carers and clinicians. BMC Psychiatry vol. 17, (1)
Kaselionyte J, Dirik A, Tulloch S, PRIEBE SKF, Giacco D(2016). Psychosis seminars: an open forum for users, carers and professionals. BJPsych open vol. 2, (5) 330-334.
Malanchini M, Tosto MG, Garfield V, Dirik A, Czerwik A, Arden R, Malykh S, Kovas Y(2016). Preschool Drawing and School Mathematics: The Nature of the Association. Child Dev vol. 87, (3) 929-943.
Eassom E, Giacco D, Dirik A, Priebe S(2014). Implementing family involvement in the treatment of patients with psychosis: a systematic review of facilitating and hindering factors. BMJ Open vol. 4, (10)
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