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Publications:  Dr Joseph Woodgate

Woodgate JL, Makinson JC, Lim KS, Reynolds AM, Chittka L(2017). Continuous Radar Tracking Illustrates the Development of Multi-destination Routes of Bumblebees. Sci Rep vol. 7, (1) 17323-17323.
Buehlmann C, Woodgate JL, Collett TS(2016). On the Encoding of Panoramic Visual Scenes in Navigating Wood Ants. Current Biology vol. 26, (15) 2022-2027.
Woodgate JL, Buehlmann C, Collett TS(2016). When navigating wood ants use the centre of mass of a shape to extract directional information from a panoramic skyline. Journal of Experimental Biology vol. 219, (11) 1689-1696.
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