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Publications:  Dr Aoife Monks

MONKS A(2018). Dressing the Law. International Journal of Law in Context vol. 2018, (14) 479-492.
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MONKS A(2017). Virtuosity: Dance, Entrepreneurialism, and Nostalgia in Stage Irish Performance. Performance, Feminism and Affect in Neoliberal Times, Editors: Diamond, E, Varney, D, Amich, C, Palgrave MacMillan (Basingstoke and New York),
Monks A(2015). Bad art, quirky modernism. Representations vol. 132, (1) 104-111.
MONKS A(2014). Costume: Readings in Theatre Practice. Editors: Maclaurin, A, Palgrave Macmillan (Basingstoke),
Bradby D, Delgado MM, Monks A, Svich C(2010). Editorial. CONTEMPORARY THEATRE REVIEW vol. 20, (1) Article PII 921533955, 3-5.
Bradby D, Delgado MM, Monks A, Svich C(2009). Untitled. CONTEMPORARY THEATRE REVIEW vol. 19, (4) Article PII 917558707, 397-399.
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