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Publications:  Dr Samantha McBean

McBean S(2020). Coda: forms of queerness. Comparative American Studies An International Journal vol. 17, (1) 101-105.
McBean S(2018). ‘We fuck and friends don't fuck’: BFFs, lesbian desire, and queer narratives. Textual Practice vol. 32, (6) 957-972.
MCBEAN SA(2018). Being 'There': Contemporary London, Facebook and Queer Historical Feeling. Sex, Time and Place: Queer Histories of London, c.1850 to the Present, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (New York),
McBean S(2016). The ‘gal pal epidemic’. Celebrity Studies vol. 7, (2) 282-284.
McBean S(2015). Feminism's Queer Temporalities. Routledge
MCBEAN SA(2014). Remediating Affect: "Luclyn" and Lesbian Intimacy on YouTube. Journal of Lesbian Studies vol. 18, (3) 282-297.
MCBEAN SA(2014). Feminism and Futurity: Revisiting Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time. Feminist Review vol. 107, (1) 37-57.
McBean S(2014). The Gamble of Reproduction: Conceiving Ada’s Queer Temporalities. Studies in the Maternal vol. 6, (1)
McBean S(2013). Seeing in Alison Bechdel's Fun Home. Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies vol. 28, (3) 103-123.
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