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Publications:  Dr Noam Gur

Gur N(2020). Procedure-content interaction in attitudes to law and in the value of the rule of law: an empirical and philosophical collaboration. Procedural Justice and Relational Theory: Philosophical, Empirical and Legal Perspectives,
GUR N(2019). Legal Facts and Reasons for Action: Between Deflationary and Robust Conceptions of Law’s Reason-Giving Capacity. The Normative Force of The Factual: Legal Philosophy Between Is and Ought, Editors: Bersier, N, Bezemek, C, Schauer, F, Springer
GUR N(2018). Legal Directives and Practical Reasons. Oxford University Press
GUR N(2018). Ronald Dworkin and the Curious Case of the Floodgates Argument. Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence vol. 31, (2) 323-345.
GUR N (2015). Private Law Adjudication as an Arena of Struggle Between Principle and Policy. New Private Law (Harvard’s blog on the foundations of private law)
Gur N(2014). Wrongful life claims and negligent selection of gametes or embryos in infertility treatments: a quest for coherence. Journal of law and medicine vol. 22, (2) 426-441.
GUR N(2014). Form and Value in Law. Jurisprudence: an international journal of legal and political thought vol. 5, (1) 85-95.
Gur N(2013). Actions, attitudes, and the obligation to obey the law. Journal of Political Philosophy vol. 21, (3) 326-346.
GUR N(2012). Normative Weighing and Legal Guidance of Conduct. Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence vol. 25, (2) 359-391.
Gur N(2012). Are Legal Rules Content-Independent Reasons?. Problema vol. 1, (5) 175-210.
Gur N(2007). Legal Directives in the Realm of Practical Reason: A Challenge to the Pre-emption Thesis. The American Journal of Jurisprudence vol. 52, (1) 159-228.
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