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Publications:  Dr Maria Ioannidou

(2020). OUP accepted manuscript. Oxford Journal Of Legal Studies
IOANNIDOU M, Mantzari D(2019). The UK Domestic Gas Electricity (Tariff Cap) Act: Re-regulating the Retail Energy Market. Modern Law Review
Ioannidou M(2018). Effective Paths for Consumer Empowerment and Protection in Retail Energy Markets. Journal of Consumer Policy vol. 41, (2) 135-157.
Ioannidou M(2015). Consumer Involvement in Private Eu Competition Law Enforcement. Oxford University Press, USA
IOANNIDOU M, Nowag J(2015). Can two wrongs make a right? Reconsidering minimum resale price maintenance in the light of Allianz Hungária. European Competition Journal
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