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Publications:  Dr Shabnam Beheshti

Beheshti S, Gasperín E(2016). Marginally stable circular orbits in stationary axisymmetric spacetimes. Physical Review D vol. 94, (2)
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Beheshti S, Tahvildar-Zadeh AS(2014). Dressing with Control: using integrability to generate desired solutions to Einstein's equations. Nonlinear Systems and Complexity vol. 10, 207-231.
Beheshti S, Redlich A(2013). Remarks on combinatorial aspects of the KP equation. AIP Conference Proceedings vol. 1562, 5-17.
Carrión-Álvarez M, Corneli J, Walsh G, Beheshti S(2012). Double bubbles in the 3-torus. Experimental Mathematics vol. 12, (1) 79-89.
Beheshti S, Williams FL(2010). On generalized monopole spherical harmonics and the wave equation of a charged massive Kerr black hole. Modern Physics Letters A vol. 25, (38) 3191-3200.
Beheshti S, Law KJH, Kevrekidis PG, Porter MA(2008). Averaging of nonlinearity management with dissipation. PHYSICAL REVIEW A vol. 78, (2) Article ARTN 025805,
Beheshti S, Williams FL(2007). Explicit soliton-black hole correspondence for static configurations. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A-MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL vol. 40, (14) 4017-4024.
Álvarez MC, Corneli J, Walsh G, Beheshti S(2003). Double bubbles in the three-torus. Experimental Mathematics vol. 12, (1) 79-89.
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