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Publications:  Dr Georgina Thorborn

Rivellese F, Humby F, Bugatti S, Fossati-Jimack L, Rizvi H, Lucchesi D, Lliso-Ribera G, Nerviani A et al.(2020). B cell synovitis and clinical phenotypes in rheumatoid arthritis: relationship to disease stages and drug exposure. Arthritis and Rheumatology
Merkenschlager J, Ploquin MJ, Eksmond U, Andargachew R, Thorborn G, Filby A, Pepper M, Evavold B et al.(2016). Stepwise B-cell-dependent expansion of T helper clonotypes diversifies the T-cell response. Nature Communications vol. 7,
Thorborn G, Ploquin MJ, Eksmond U, Pike R, Bayer W, Dittmer U, Hasenkrug KJ, Pepper M et al.(2014). Clonotypic composition of the CD4<sup>+</sup> T cell response to a vectored retroviral antigen is determined by its speed. Journal of Immunology vol. 193, (4) 1567-1577.
Thorborn G, Young GR, Kassiotis G(2014). Effective T helper cell responses against retroviruses: Are all clonotypes equal?. Journal of Leukocyte Biology vol. 96, (1) 27-37.
Thorborn GS, Pomeroy L, Ishohanni H, Peters BS, Vyakarnam A(2012). Elevated effector cell sensitivity to Treg-cell suppression that is not associated with reduced Th17-cell expression distinguishes HIV <sup>+</sup> asymptomatic subjects from progressors. European Journal of Immunology vol. 42, (1) 138-146.
Alvarez RA, Thorborn G, Reading JL, Reddy SK, Vyakarnam A(2011). WFDC1 expression identifies memory CD4 T- lymphocytes rendered vulnerable to cell-cell HIV-1 transfer by promoting intercellular adhesive junctions. Retrovirology vol. 8,
Thorborn G, Pomeroy L, Isohanni H, Perry M, Vyakarnam A, Peters B (2010). Novel insights into how quality as well as quantity of 'T-regulatory cells' might explain current disease patterns in HIV. HIV MEDICINE. vol. 11, 38-38.
Thorborn G, Pomeroy L, Isohanni H, Perry M, Peters B, Vyakarnam A(2010). Increased sensitivity of CD4+ T-effector cells to CD4+CD25+ treg suppression compensates for reduced treg number in asymptomatic HIV-1 infection. PLoS ONE vol. 5, (2)
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