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Publications:  Dr Iris Benohr

BENOHR I(2018). Private Autonomy and Protection of the Weaker Party in Financial Consumer Contracts: an EU and International Law Perspective. European Law Review
BENOHR I(2017). The Impact of Competition Law on the Private Law Concepts of Nullity and Damages. Primary EU law and private law concepts, Intersentia
Benoehr I(2014). European Contract Law and the Welfare State. EUROPEAN LAW REVIEW vol. 39, (2) 286-288.
Benöhr I(2014). Collective redress in the field of european consumer law. Legal Issues of Economic Integration vol. 41, (3) 243-256.
Benöhr I(2013). Consumer Dispute Resolution after The Lisbon Treaty: Collective Actions and Alternative Procedures. Journal of Consumer Policy vol. 36, (1) 87-110.
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