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Publications:  Dr Alessia d'Onofrio

D'Onofrio A (2019). Development of Novel Formulations of Bioactive Glass based Calcium Phosphate Cement for Bone Grafting. Presented at: Queen Mary University of London,
Sauro S, Lin C-Y, Bikker FJ, Cama G, Dubruel P, Soria JM, D''Onofrio A, Gillam D(2016). Di-Calcium Phosphate and Phytosphingosine as an Innovative Acid-Resistant Treatment to Occlude Dentine Tubules. Caries Research vol. 50, (3) 303-309.
D¿Onofrio A, Kent NW, Shahdad SA, Hill RG(2016). Development of novel strontium containing bioactive glass based calcium phosphate cement. Dental Materials vol. 32, (6) 703-712.
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